We currently have puppies available. Our gorjuz bundles were born on the 23/12/2018 & will be ready to leave for there forever homes early February 2019!!!!

We have a Beautiful Brindle Girl available 

Brindle boy is SOLD!!!


Sire: Chirshelle Chirstopher Robin ( IMP NZ) Emit........

























Dam: Silkston Vendredi Trieze ~ Margaret~


Matilda is Available!!!

Brindle Female 


Jay is SOLD !!!!

Brindle Male



For further information please contact



040 518 0584


Please email or phone if you would like to discuss available  puppies with
Stacey 040 518 0584



Re the Herald Sun article appearing in today's newspaper - DON'T BE SCAMMED! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Blue, blue brindle, blue fawn, lilac, chocolate, black & tan, merle are all highly undesirable colours and patterns. Please do not be fooled into thinking these colours are rare and priceless.

They are not rare, they are being bred world-wide by unscrupulous rogue breeders purely for profit. 

The French Bulldog is popular as a pet, never in the history of the breed have they been so popular. Greedy people with no genuine interest in the breed other than making money have taken their greed further by breeding away from the breed standard. They market highly undesirable colours with potential health problems as "rare" to the unsuspecting public. All hype to the detriment of the breed.

French Bulldogs come in a wonderful variety of colours which are acceptable under ALL breed standards (UK, USA, FCI). The genuine colour patterns for the French Bulldog in Australia are:
Pied (white with brindle & fawn patches), Brindle (ranges from very dark brindle to light brindle), Fawn (with or without a black mask). All frenchies no matter what their colour, MUST have a black nose and black pigment on eyes and lips.

NO DILUTES SUCH AS BLUES ARE ACCEPTABLE. If a Frenchie's coat colour is anything other than the officially recognised colours for the breed then it has a highly undesirable coat colour which is not recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council [ANKC].

Ethical breeders breed only to maintain and/or improve the quality of the French Bulldog.



Silkston French Bulldogs Puppies